Blockchain based mobility platform for commuters and service providers

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Mobio is a next generation
mobility solution for a seamless travel experience

Convenient for users

Travel anywhere with a single app

Access all modes of transport, plan your route, and pay for services using one app. No more browsing among numerous apps, monthly subscriptions, and daily passes. All modes of transport in one app in your pocket. Anywhere on the planet.
Convenient for users
Mobility providers can join easily

Reach users without intermediaries

Every mobility provider and individual can easily plug their vehicles into the global platform. Mobility providers set their prices, get access to the global market, and get rewarded for their services--without intermediaries and heavy investment into IT infrastructure and marketing.
Mobility providers can join easily
Power back to community

Crowdfund solutions to first and last mile problems

Crowdfunding function empowers communities by shifting decision making power from centralized authorities and mobility providers back to the people. When businesses or public mobility operators fail to provide transportation in certain areas, communities can use the platform to subsidize the entrance of new providers to cover those gaps.
Power back to community

How does it work?

Mobility market needs a decentralized solution

Centralized mobility providers
(like Uber, Drive Now, Didi, Ola Cabs, Gett, public transport and others)
Centralized aggregators
(like Google Maps, City Mapper and similar)
Planning with multiple modes      
Individual operators can easily join      
Community has control      
Single payment solution      

Token economics

Use case for Go2 tokens

Role of blockchain

Token distribution

1 450 M tokens

Built by mobility experts

Lukas Yla

Lukas Yla

Mobio co-founder and CEO
CEO of CityBee, the first car sharing solution in Eastern Europe. His areas of expertise include marketing & car sharing.
Oleg Martyniuk

Oleg Martyniuk

Mobio co-founder
Board Member of Modus Group. 8 years' experience in automotive distribution and retail. His area of expertise are automotive, car-sharing, and finance.
+20 team

Roadmap of Mobio


What we’ve achieved so far

Mobio team launches CityBee, the first car sharing solution in Central and Eastern Europe.

CityBee app receives “Best app of the year” and “Best start of the year” awards from LOGIN – the largest tech conference in the Baltic region.

CityBee launch first intercity mobility service.

Mobio utility protocol concept is developed. International corporate group Modus Group announces partnership with Mobio.


How we plan to roll out

150,000+ user company CityBee announces plans to join Mobio.

2018 H2
Start of token sale

2019 H1
Start of Mobio protocol development

2019 H1
Establishing partnerships with companies within automotive and mobility industry.

2019 H2
Multiple means of transportation fully integrated on a single Mobio platform.

Adapting to regulatory requirements and establishing partnerships with local authorities to move forward to smart world vision.

Connecting smart cities to the single world mobility network.

Introduction of the autonomous vehicles to Mobio ecosystem.



25 years experience in automotive, energy, real estate, mobility service industries. Representative of over 15 global brands, including BMW, Hyundai, Chrysler & others.

City bee

Car sharing pioneers in Central Eastern Europe. Growing community of 150,000+ users. Used by 8% of urban population.